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OnlineNaira's WebPay makes it possible for small businesses in Nigeria to receive payments with ATM, Credit and Debit Cards on their website. We are aware that it is incresingly becoming necessary for small businesses to take payments by cards and that is the reason we have introduced WebPay. We are able to take payments for you and place the money received in your OnlineNaira account until you do a withdrawal.
$0.00 USD + $70.00 USD Setup Fee One Time
In order to start receiving bitcoins, you would need a bitcoin wallet with an address - MyBTC. The bitcoin address works like your bank account that you could give to other people to send money into your bank account. When money arrives at your bitcoin address, we will place the money in your OnlineNaira account where you would be able to withdraw into your bank account.
1 Month Price - $5.00 USD + $5.00 USD Setup Fee

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